Ride out 13th Sept 2020

First ride out for this month, 4 riders turned up today me,Robin, Tim and first timer Richard. As we had nothing planned Robin suggested Boscastle. Perfect weather small group and a plan.
Robin lead the way Tamar bridge, Saltash and on to Kelly bray from there we did a round about route to Boscastle, through the village and up to a cafe on the top of the hill, Tea sausage sandwich, beautiful location and good company hard to beat this.
Robin our leader pointed out that the next few lanes are more remote,steep and never designed for the larger bike, Twas like been on a roller coaster, twisty, narrow, steep and in some places more gravel and potholes than tarmac, great fun provided you left the front brake alone.

 This took us to Crackington then on to Widmouth bay. Fantastic views 

really worth a visit via the proper roads.
Heading home fast sweeping roads, we split just before Ladycross, I followed Robin to Lifton, Tinhay and on to Tavistock where I left Robin to carry on home across the Moors to home.
Brilliant day with a great mix of roads and “donkey tracks” brilliant way to spend a Sunday and a bonus home for just after 2pm so the boss is happy.
Big thanks to Robin, Tim and Richard see you all next time.
Thanks Simon T

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