Congratulations Dot, who passed her Advanced Motorcycle Test today.

Dot-Passed-IAMCongratulations to biker Dot who passed her advanced motorcycle test today 27th September  2014.

Dot, who rides her Honda NC700s, found her passion for motorcycles about 2 years ago and like most new riders, lacked confidence on corners, overtaking and generally didn’t think far enough ahead. However, after taking on the Skills for Life challenge 3 months ago, and getting one to one motorcycle training from the volunteer observers from Plymouth Advanced Motorcycle Club, her riding skills and confidence rose to a new level, enabling her to not only take, but pass her Advanced Motorcycle Test.

Many thanks to her observer, Jerry Rogers, for his patient tuition, Glenn Lewis, who did her X Check, examiner Gregg Jarrett and to her fellow riders in PAMs and The Plymouth Bikers for support and encouragement in her ongoing riding skills development.

Dot said “I would recommend the Skills For Life course to any rider looking to hone their skills. It’s such a buzz when you get it right and the ride just flows”.
She is looking forward to the presentation of the Plymouth Biker Tarnished Cup of achievement!

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  1. well done Dot really pleased for you a great result. now please teach me lol, my bike is off the road this week so wont be able to join the rideout, but will catch up next week, safe riding to everyone x x

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