Group Riding Policy & Guidelines

IMPORTANT: It is really important to set a pace that you feel safe and confident with, ride your own ride, and consider  the ride level and distance of that day’s ride-out.

Note: We encourage all our riders to take a turn at becoming the ride leader ( Navigator for the day ) if you know a good route with a couple of good places for a coffee and a bite to eat, why not share it by taking out the group one week? Do email me if this interests you.

Please feel free to overtake safely within the group. NEVER BLINDLY FOLLOW OTHERS OVERTAKING, MAKE SURE YOU PLAN YOUR OWN OVERTAKES.

group riding 2We as a group do use the drop off sweeper system.
Meaning the riders behind the navigator take it upon themselves to take the time to pull over safely, near, or on the junction to mark the direction to the following bikers.
Your job then is to wait for the sweeper. 

NOTE: IF the sweeper does not appear after 15minutes has passed. DO move on to the next destination Point.


SWEEPER. The sweeper is the last rider in the group, the sweeper whom volunteered or elected on the day is to continue sweeping up the markers on the junctions, and allow time for that marker to move away from the junction in front of them. It is a great idea if the sweeper can be identified by a bright colour vest. Orange etc.


RIDE LEVELS what do they mean, and why do we have them.

Ok in a nutshell, if you find you are on a level that is to slow, causing you to nod off, loose concentration which is dangerous then consider splitting after breakfast and returning on a day with a higher level.

On the other hand if you feel you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, then a lower ride level will probably fit better.

Below is a description of what each level means so that each rider can make an informed choice about whether this is the right ride for them.

LEVEL 2 = This ride will include some more challenging roads, average pace and distance and could be challenging to new riders 🙂

LEVEL 3 = The Navigator has chosen roads that can and will be taken at a progressive, sprightly pace. Lots of long sweeping roads, well planned overtakes, and may cover some distance, experienced riders will like this.


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