Sunday 6th June 2021 Ride out

Bikers gather after breakfast banter and then a further fantastic ride.

Good day yesterday – report as requested!!

So I received an official Dave waring for not doing a ride report for last week.  Apparently the next step is I will be reported to Dot so I thought I’d better do a report for this weeks ride.

First of all a bit hello to Dave Flowers who joined us for the first time on a nice new Versys 650, and Agi, who has been out before as pillion but this time was on a lovely Street Triple of her own.  Note Magic, Agi’s not yours, we don’t want to see you on it again!!!  Its always good to see new joiners.  After the usual meet up and chat in Sainsburys and I was put firmly in my place when I tried to chivvy the team up to actually get on bikes and ride.

We headed out on a fairly familiar route to Roadford Lake, I hadn’t really expected many people out again so I was being a bit lazy and recycling routes.  Rather than go on main roads I thought we would head out past the Abbey over the little bridge and up to Bere Alston.  We struggled to remember the name of the bridge throughout the day and finally settled on it being called Dunelm Mill, until we remembered that was a shop.  For the record it is called Denham Bridge.  My Sat Nav had a complete fit as I had obviously decided to use the wrong route, but I decided to push on and do it from memory.  This is normally a recipe for disaster so I was incredibly chuffed to take the group over some quite nice roads – exactly the route I wanted – and arrive at Roadford Lake feeling – well lets be honest smug.  Right up until the point I saw the sign saying kitchen closed hot drinks and ice creams only.  Nobody believed me that I had been there 2 weeks ago and had a great bacon butty and so I was forced to shamedly retrace my steps and take the team to Strawberry Fields.  I am not convinced Dave didn’t have some hand in this as we know he likes a Lifton breakfast so foul play could have been involved.

We then ran a competition between the outside “breakfast in a box” and posh on a plate breakfast.  Result was a bit uncertain, breakfast in a box was quicker but posh breakfast nicer.  Unless you are Magic in which case you order a small posh breakfast but end up with a large one which must be a result in anyone’s book.

Refreshed we set off again.  I was told in no uncertain terms not to follow the route we did last week so we took the direct route up to Fremington, enjoying some reasonably clear roads.  The weather was really starting to improve now and sadly we met up with quite a queue for the café.  Plymouth Bikers are a friendly bunch but Agi almost got herself thrown out when she complained the wait for a piece of cake was too long.  Agi, in Plymouth bikers no wait for cake is too long.  Its all about the cake, not the bikes.  We enjoyed the views whilst jacket inners were removed and vents on jackets found before we set off again.

I have to confess I thought the run back down the A386 would be dull, but after clearing a little bit of traffic we had a nice paced run back down a road that is a lot of fun, we haven’t done it for so long you forget how much fun it is.  We also stayed together as a group well and arrived at Oakhampton Station for a final cuppa.  Well I say arrived…….  As we entered Oakhampton I was thinking how well I had done, OK the route was simple but I hadn’t needed the Sat Nav and I hadn’t got lost, as I rode past the turning to the station.  Fortunately Robin was behind me and he wasn’t up for the mystery tour so he led the team in whilst I did the U turn of shame and headed back.

Oakhampton Station didn’t offer up cake, but Magnum Ice creams seemed a suitable alternative as we sat if brilliant sunshine for a quick chat before dispersing to make our ways home.  I think it was about a 200 mile day and for me it took me from South Coast to North, what better was to spend a Sunday.

We should be back out next weekend, hopefully with another (better) navigator!!!

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