Plymouth Bikers ride out every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month, meeting Sainsbury's Marsh Mills car park approx 9am - 930am. If nobody shows then the rides a no go.

Sunday 22nd ride update

Only 3 brave bikers made it out on Sun 22 Sep, Pete, Simon and Ian.  This
then proved there are various types of Plymouth Bikers, those who are happy
to ride in the rain, those who aren’t and those who don’t know what a
weather forecast is!!  Biker Pete had applied technology to the problem and
looked at the weather radar and could see that there was going to be a
little period of fine weather between 2 weather fronts if we scooted across
to the Boscastle area.

Biker Ian was a bit miffed by this and asked where Minehead was, and why
couldn’t we go there.  As ever I like to oblige so I said I could get us
there but it would be a longish day and the weather North might not be the
best.  Ian then said he wanted to go to Minehead as he wanted to look at a
boat for sale.  We went to Boscastle.

I do need to clear up a point here.  I always thought PB stood for Plymouth
Bikers, Ian thinks it strands for Plymouth Boaters.  Its only a small point
but I think it needs to be cleared up.

As a small group we made good progress out to Boscastle over Davidstow
airfield, a first for Simon I think.  The roads were wet and needed a little
respect, but as ever riding in all conditions is good thing and we weren’t
rained on.  As we were a small group I decided to see if I could take us to
a new stopping point at a Waterfall Café.  It looks great on the internet
honest.  We stopped in a small carpark at a turn off onto a dirt track.
This was the car park for the café which was a 30 min walk away.  I decided
this was a bad idea and we would head back to Boscastle.  Ian had other
ideas and set off up the dirt track to see whether we could get the bikes
there.  What is it with these GS riders thinking they can take their bikes
anywhere.  Euan Macgregor has a lot to answer for and I don’t just mean that
second Star Wars movie.  Anyway even a GS couldn’t get there so we headed to
Boscastle Farm shop.  

The farm shop was REALLY busy but we enjoyed a good breakfast, despite
confusing the issue with sausage quiche (real bikers don’t eat quiche do
they?).  The weather was glorious at this point, Ian even had breakfast
outside admiring the views.  We had the option of running up the coast but
we felt the weather might come in on us so we just did a nice run to
Crackington Haven and then across to Canworthy Water and then Lifton.  We
pulled into Lifton to agree that we didn’t need to stop and set off back
down vi Chillaton.  Simon and I said our good byes to Ian just outside
Tavistock and Simon and I pushed on back to Plymouth via Bere Alston and
Denham bridge, again a first for Simon I think.  Simon and I had a final
cuppa in GT before admiring bikes we will never ride and heading home.
A fairly short route, but as we are starting to get into winter I think we
may start to have shorter days.

Look forward to seeing you all for the next ride.  As ever an advert for the
Whatsapp group, this ride was totally organised on it (as I was too lazy to
e-mail Dave.)  Drop me a line on 07598681157 if you want to be added.


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