Pete’s Solo Ride

So only the bravest, handsomest, cleverest, humblest Plymouth Bikers headed out this weekend.  Or as all of you will think as I was the only Biker to head out, only the stupidest went out.  

I suspect some were put off by my statement that I was going to go somewhere I had never been before.  I get lost going to places I have been to many times before so what hope of getting to somewhere new without getting lost?  Well I have news.  I found Tamar Lakes without any drama at all.  So I now think that it is the negative thoughts from the group. “Pete is leading, we will get lost” that is the problem.  So next time I lead I want everyone to have happy thoughts!!!!

My route was actually borne of some science.  The rain radar suggested that north would be quite dry whilst Plymouth got a soaking.  I left Sainsburys in a gap between the showers and made it all the way to Holsworthy before I got a little rain.  It had started to clear by the time I hit Tamar Lakes for a well deserved bacon bap and a mug of tea.  Another check of the rain radar showed I had a chance to head back to Plymouth just behind a band of rain that was moving in.  I headed off South via Bude and hooked out down the coast via Widemouth Bay.  It was a little blustery here but nothing too bad, in fact the sunvisor was down to ease the road glare.  Red Van hill in reverse brought back good memories and I pushed onto Crackington Haven.  I decided not to push it too far so I then turned for home over Davidstow airfield and got home before the next rain came in.

I hope to see a few of you back out soon.  I know we have had some really bad weather and we sensibly cancelled at least one ride, but this is two rideouts in succession where we haven’t hit enough people to make it worthwhile.  I do understand that people ride for fun, and some people really do not enjoy the wet and especially the cold (me too) but there is something to be said for keeping your hand in over the winter and not having to re-learn old skills as the summer arrives, and the roads often aren’t as bad as you think and we do keep the legs shorter in winter.  The leaders get just as cold as you 😉 and there is normally somebody heading home after the first leg if you want a short day.

Next rideout will be 22 Mar – Mothers Day!!!!!!  I’ll try and get a route up before the event but if there is a groundswell that we should delay by a week we could ride 29 Mar – noting that is week clocks change.  Or we could be bold and do both – we used to have a slower ride on 5th Sunday.  I could even get Joe out on his 125……………

As ever if you would like to join the Watsapp group (which is useful for sharing ride details more quickly than we can get them onto website let me know on 07598 681157.


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