Lyme Regis 200 mile motorcycle ride update.

10 bikers on this weeks adventure, with Stu celebrated his big 40 on this day.
The weather was kind, and we took full advantage of it, a full days 200 mile blissful motorbike riding.
Brunch and hour and half in at Haldon Grill Exeter taking all the back roads to get there avoiding any main dual carriageway. After brunch Ian took us on some great roads avoiding the bit of M5 to get us on the coastal roads to Lyme Regis. This place is always a great location to ride too. The holiday makers had gone home and the kids back at school meant a nice chilled walk along the beach. We lounged around Lyme Regis for an hour taking in the great atmosphere eating ice cream and telling stories, people watching, before heading off to find our next coffee stop.
Dave P forgot to put this bit in the navigation system which meant we drifted off course bye about 45 miles lol. Anyways its all part of the training.
With coffee and cake at Bickleigh Mill, the cloud started coming in. Pete decided to pull out the big yellow wet suit, which always makes us laugh:-) and thus started the pulling out of everyones panniers the wet pants.
Steve did a great job of navigating us on some great roads on the way home with some great views across the Devon Moor.
We are joined today bye a new face to Plymouth bikers, Dave on his Honda, Welcome Dave.
Dot really getting used to her new bike, Talk of Graham & Julie getting new wheels.

Helen, Sam & Chris and all the gang always in good spirit.

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  1. As always a good day and a good bunch of people. Thanks Dave, Ian and Steve for leading us round. First time I’ve been to Lyme Regis and the ice cream was well worth the trip.🍦😜

  2. Great day out to Lyme Regis, lots of new roads and just to keep us on our toes we went on some more than once lol.

    With plenty of miles and merriment, thanks for a lovely days riding and company, thanks to Dave, Ian and Steve for leading us.

    ps Dave can we have less video of me stuffing my face please, I’m getting a complex 😀

  3. There are 2 types of day out with the Plymouth bikers. Not sunny or rainy because it always rains, but good days and absolutely brilliant days. And this day was an absolutely brilliant day. You know you have had a good day when you pull up at home and think back to the start of he ride and think – “was that really today, I have had such a good time”.

    As always thanks to the navigators for taking the time to plan a route and staying good humoured at the inevitable banter when it turns out to be slightly different than planned, and thanks to everyone else for just being such good fun to be with.

    Helen if you want to not be shown stuffing your face maybe you need to ease back on the wall to wall cream teas all the time! 😹. (You’ll get me back – you know it’s just a matter of time!)

    And what exactly is wrong with my big yellow suit?

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