About Us

We are a group of enthusiastic bikers of all ages, with all types of bikes that have ONE CONNECTION, TWO WHEELS.

WE like to get together for great ride-outs, great banter, and a breakfast. Sunday Rides and Fish n Chip Rides. A group that will give you a warm welcome, whatever your experience or whatever you ride.

This is a place to share information, ideas, photo and video, things for sale and more to the point, organise a good group ride-out. NO COMMITTEE, NO FEES, NO ONE OWNES IT – NO ONE IS IN CHARGE, ITS A CO-OPERATIVE OF FREE SPIRITED BIKERS that just gotta ride motorbikes.  Just come and go as you please, out for breakfast or all day. Just ride responsibly and safely – But most of all have fun.

It’s always great to meet new bikers who wish to try a ride-out with a group.
And it’s always great to see our old biker friends.

We have regular ride outs throughout the year – well in excess of over 150 Ride outs in 2015. We just love to ride.

We Ride Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 9am leaving 9.30am, weather permitting, Inside Sainsbury’s Car Park, Marsh Mills.

We support and attend charity ride-outs in Cornwall and Devon.

We highly recommend the following courses to take your motorbike riding to the next level.

Bike Safe         IAM Skills for Life        Rospa

( PLEASE NOTE : Each biker is resposible for his / her machine and Riding Skill )

If you have never tried group riding, please read our suggestions

The idea and vision came together 2010 when 3 bikers that liked to ride-out together and share banter and breakfast, found it hard to find a motorcycle group that rode out regular, or the few that did just traveled to Kit Hill and back.
So we thought it would be an idea to start a regular Sunday morning ride-out, so bikers all around could be made welcome, join in the fun, and ride.

Biker Dave Prout decided to make it happen, create a website where pictures, events ride-outs and videos of the day could be shared.

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“Only a Biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window”

“Dont worry about racking up miles on your bike, life is too short,
racking up smiles are what counts”


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