Sunday 12th Ride Update

Two intrepid Plymouth Bikers braved the forecasts of biblical storms (Ian because he told his boat bookings there were biblical storms due and Pete because he is stupid) and enjoyed a really good ride out whilst the remainder of Plymouth bikers cowered under their duvets.  Or cleared out blocked drains!  No other excuses accepted, there are those who ride, those who clear drains and then there are those who are weak!!

We met in Sainburys which was unusually busy due to people all meeting for the Mega Ride who when we said we were heading off for a proper ride mentioned Noah and 40 days of rain before scuttling back to their shelters to look for wood and nails to build an Ark

Ian and I headed out under some gloomy skies and the vis on Dartmoor had us seriously wondering if a morning tucked up on the sofa with a box set of Love Island (or Deadliest Catch for Ian – who am I kidding I am a Deadliest Catch/Gold Rush man myself) was not the better option.  However post Yelverton the weather lifted, along with our spirits, and we made good time up to Roadford Lake.  We stopped off in the car park in case anyone was chasing us – I mean with such good weather we were sure the problem was a few people were late to Sainburys.  We made our first deviant decision there – well I can’t speak for Ian’s underwear choice but mine wasn’t deviant in my eyes, though 32 years in the Navy does mean that what I think is acceptable may not be the same for the rest of you.  Anyway back to the ride and not my penchant for ladies underwear and we decided not to go for Lizzie’s larder but to head to the Kick Start café in Bude, next to North Cornwall Motorcycles.

This was a brilliant decision, made by Ian, only lacking in one small detail.  It was closed.  Of course if NCM had been open and we could have looked around some great bikes it would have still been a great decision.  But NCM was closed.  Not to worry Ian it could happen to anyone and is no worse than missing a turning on the Sat nav WHICH I DID NOT DO (more than 3 times!)

We headed back into Bude for a quick tea/coffee at Life’s a Beach which was really good, after I learnt not to park the bike facing down hill (it came off the side stand genuinely!) and we recalibrated the day.  Noting that it was ice cream weather in Bude but with storm clouds threatening we decided to bring the day down to just 2 stops (to be honest I think Ian was fed up of my small talk) so we headed down the Coast to Tintagel.

This was a fantastic leg with some great views, but also was a little technical as we rounded tight bends and steep hills clutch and throttle control was required, my left hand is still a little achy from the clutching.  We also passed a VW van that had been parked – well parked is a relative term – in a ditch.  I cannot agree with Ian’s assessment of whether it was a man or woman who parked it, no matter how obvious it was a wo……..somebody parked it.    The weather started to come in at this point so we were pleased to turn for home with the rain stopping as we hit Davidstow airfield and then a normal run back down to the Engine Sheds before Ian and I said a tearful farewell (not quite a Broke Back mountain point but getting there for me – I just hope Ian calls or sends flowers).  We went our separate ways at this point, Ian with a sigh of relief and me with regret for feelings not expressed and back to the mundane.

Seriously, it wasn’t all plain sailing.  I learned again respect for drain covers (but also confidence leave it alone and it will come back) cattle grids (straight across).  And also you can ride in any weather if you have the correct kit.

So end of month ride is a bank holiday so no excuses not to do a long one – anyone up for Exmoor, I am.  I can lead but I know some other navigators have some good routes.

Also a quick thought.  Anyone of us could have got us up to the first stop today.  Are there any budding navigators out there who would like to team up with another navigator – you get us to stop 1 and we will take it on from there.  Just a thought.


Sunday Ride out 21st July

Sunday Ride out 21st July

14 Riders had a fantastic Sunday Ride, Kawasaki Tim joined us at Callington and we headed down some fantastic progresive roads all the way to Widemouth Bay for a coffee looking over the sea.
Great day.
Many thanks to all whom rode, and a big thanks to Graham Julie for navigating the day. And Dot for Sweeper.
P.S Note the next ride out on the 12 Aug thats 3 weeks. BUT nothing stopping us having one in 2 weeks if people feel the need..

3 Ferries Ride Out Sunday 8th July

HI Bikers just letting you know

Robin has come forward to to lead what looks like a fab route for this coming Sunday. The sun will be out and so will the bikers.

The 3 ferry run, Cornwall. King Harry, Bodinnick, Torpoint.
Meet same place same time.


Ride Report Sunday Gone.

A bunch of intrepid riders turned out for a long run up to Exmoor in glorious weather.  I demonstrated he still hasn’t mastered the sat Nav by getting lost in Launcston, it has to be said that a trip round the hospital and firestation wasn’t the high point of the day and it was amazing that the group stuck together.

The roads were clear so good progress was made to the Puffing Billy for our first stop.  A few souls decided to head back from here, possibly fearful that if I would get even more lost on Exmoor.  They also had the luxury of being able to finish their coffee without having me worry them about the timings for the day!

5 bikes went on through South and North Moulton, again through some great roads with little traffic and the group stayed pretty much together the whole way. Dave resisted the temptation to head off to Withypool team rooms and we headed down through Exford, and through a raging torrent of a ford that would have stopped lesser riders!  From Exford the route really developed with the pace coming down as we crested Exmoor due to the spectacular views across the Bristol Channel to Wales. Porlock Hill proved as entertaining as ever and we then turned back to re crest Exmoor with more spectacular views.  The final stint on this leg took us through the medieval village of Dunster before we made our final approach into Watchet.

I did my typical thing of not finding the right carpark with the free bike parking (sorry Justin). I then did my usual thing of walking everybody along all the cafes before we decided to sit in the first one we saw!  The main take away from Watchet was even the small ice creams are massive!  All agreed that a return would be worthwhile in the future.

After the joys of the run across Exmoor the run home was fairly straight forward apart from one small blip with the SatNav and despite all of my dire warnings about how long the day would be we made it back to Bickleigh Mill for around 1530 for tea and cake.  And Chris C has asked me to be very clear that he did not eat a massive piece of cake saying stuff doing a BBQ when I get home.

Dave was definitely ready for a nap after his cake and we decided that you could have too much of a good thing so we decided to take the short route home and dropped into Exeter and picked up the A38. The group also thought that they had probably worn out their luck with my navigation skills so I was sacked and Dot led the way home!

All told it was a 200 mile run, a long day but really nice to ride some new roads on Exmoor, thanks to everybody for turning out – for me it was a great and memorable way to spend my 50th birthday.

Pete Mackay

Sunday 24th Ride

Pete M and his SatNav propose to take the Plymouth Bikers on a magical mystery tour to Exemoor with a stop in the fishing village of Watchet.


We will follow our normal get together at 0900 but I would like to leave sharp on 0930 as we have a 200 mile day in front of us, across a selection of roads.  Our out bound route will be familiar to most and is a simple run up the A338 to Stibbs Cross before heading across to Great Torrington for our first stop at the Puffing Billy or the burger van whichever takes your fancy.    From there we will head across the Umberleigh road towards South Molton (I think this was a popular leg last time we went along it with Robin) and then we will head up onto Exmoor.  We will head towards Withypool but then peel off into Exford (sorry Dave the Withypool tea rooms will be for anther day.)  Please be warned we may go through a small ford as we go into Exford (clue is in the name I suppose) I will check it before we cross and if it looks at all iffy we can divert.  From Exford we will head up to Porlock Hill, through Porlock and then head back across Exmoor.  May be worth keeping an eye in your mirrors as the view back to the coast is supposed to be good – I may have got this bit of the route the wrong way round but it was misty when I recced!!  This will take us to Wheddon Cross, I’ll keep an eye on how long we have been riding and we can either do a loop round or head straight into Watchet via Dulverton from here.


Watchet is a lovely (in my opinion) fishing village with a few coffee shops and places for lunch, dependant on how many we have we may be best to split up and explore if there is a lot of.  There is some bike parking but we may need to get one or two parking bays dependant on numbers.


On leaving Watchet we will fit in a fuel stop.  (You can also fuel in Torrington if you have a tiny tank!)  Provided all are happy we will have a little foray onto some narrower roads (but not to narrow) as we come south, crossing over the north part of Wimble Lake (I have an aspiration to take us over Wimball dam one day!) before picking up the A396 for a run back down to Tiverton, Bickleigh Mill and then across to Crediton and a final stop at Bow garden centre.  I reserve the right to change this bit dependant on time and numbers – if we are late I will stop at the pub next to Bickleigh Mill (or Bickleigh Mill) and if we are a smaller team I may stop at the “new” bikers café in Credition.  (If I remember where it is.)

From Bow I think people will start to peel off, but my route will be a quick run back across to Oakhampton and then down the A386.


Its around 200 miles all told, I intend to be reasonably brisk but remaining at a Level 2 overall and I will try and keep us as together as I can.


Hope to see you Sunday.



Sunday 10th June ride out

10 bikers showed for a Sunday ride, Stu turned up and came up with a fab route taking us up past Haytor, moors, to have a great breakfast At Bridge. Chat coffee and banter, some headed home from that point, others headed on to Tiverton way, then spit leaving just 3 to do the rest of the journey. Some great roads ending up at the Puffing billy for coffee and cake before come back via Winkleigh.

Ride update

Hi All,

The day started a bit grey and drizzly, but 8 bikers decided to take a chance…..and it was worth it as you can see in the Photos.

We started by heading out of Plymouth heading towards Totnes and on to Newton Abbott, where the countries population of horse riders and there horse boxes seemed determined to slow our progress, and to be fair they did. From there it was through Dawlish and starcross before having a quick breakfast stop at Exmouth.

After breakfast it was off through Sidmouth (where the weather really improved) and headed along some lovely roads to Lyme Regis, Morcombe Lake and Chideockbefore reaching Bridport. Then it was along a lovely coast road passing through Burton Bradstock and Abbotsbury before getting to the Sunny town of Weymouth, where ice creams and chips were enjoyed, but not on the same plate

It was then homeward bound passing Dorchester, Charminster, Crewcerne and following the A30 through to Honiton where more ice cream was enjoyed….again. The planned route home changed due to some sore body parts, some of which are still tender today, so we just took the quick way home straight along the A30 and down the A38.

This was a lovely 230’ish mile run, made better by the good weather, and as ever the company was outstanding. See you all out and about soon.

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