Sunday 14th October

For those about to ride

There is a few still meeting for a small Sunday Ride out.
Sainburys Marsh Mill approx 9am for a 9.30 departure.

An open navigational small ride out.



Sunday 9th Sept Ride out


Hi all,

Weather looks good for riding this weekend and I have had a few positive responses to the Withypool run.  I won’t repeat the route as it is in the post below but I would like to get away at 0915 from Sainsbury’s with a pick up at Yelverton as well around 0930.  If you do want to join at Yelverton please let me know, we will keep,in touch via Whatsapp in case of delays.

Hope to see you Sunday.


Sunday Ride 9th September

Hi all,

As our Bank Holiday run ended up being a little rain affected I wanted to gauge whether there is any appetite for a run up to Withypool for our next run.  Withypool tends to always be a staple of our riding season but as we run into September the good weather and light will start to leave us so I thought we might be best to run out next time.  And lets be honest we all know if Dave goes into biking hibernation without having had a Withypool cream tea who knows what will happen!

I am happy to lead a route up and can offer a few options that I know you will all be eager to comment on. Seriously I know you all enjoy just turning up and going but if you have any thoughts please get back to me.

I have done a practice run and we could make our first stop at Quince Honey farm having travelled up across Dartmoor to Whedon Down and then up. This is a fairly long leg, but is under 2 hours and if we get to Quince by 1130 we can still get breakfast. Alternative stops are Bow Garden Centre (about an hour) or Egesford Garden Centre (about 1.5 hours) but all Eggesford can offer us would be scones and tea (they are too busy making Sunday lunch to cook breakfast).

If we can make Quince Honey Farm the next leg around Exmoor is about 1.5 hours, allowing time for a photo stop, fuel stop and poss an ice cream.  I intend to do the loop that has the good views as you cross Exmoor, those who came to Watchet will know what I mean and hopefully agree they are worth a re-visit. Then down to Withypool for lunch. I have options to make this leg quite short if needed.

With an eye on time I intend to come back via what is a little bit of a well trodden route for us, but possibly in reverse, by heading back to South Moulton and then across to Torrington and down the A386 to Oakhampton Station for a final brew. I may ask someone else to take you into Oakhampton as I will need to get a train and may just head straight on down the A386.

I rode this route and leaving at 0940 I was back by 1630, riding at an easy L2 pace and not pushing every overtake.  The route is a bit of a mix of good roads and some narrower stuff, once we are on Exmoor things will be slower as some of the views are worth looking at.   I managed on a single tank (just) so it is under 200 miles I think and the route planner said 5 hours riding so it should be doable in a reasonable time even allowing for longer stops. However, if we want to hit Quince Honey Farm I would like to leave at 0915 with a pick up in Yelverton for those who are out that way.

If you have any thoughts please let me know, I would like to know there at least a few who would like to do the run, email, here or whatsapp are all good.   Also I know that some like a shorter ride, I often am in that camp with my domestics so if anyone wants to plan a route back from Quince or even a totally different run please feel free.  As ever I have no ego attached.



Bank Holiday Weekend Ride MONDAY 27TH

Hi Folks, just to say the bank holiday weekend ride has been pushed over to MONDAY 27th
Chris and Julie gutted that their planed ride for Sunday was a washout but I believe Graham and Julie will
well be stepping forward. A big thank you for the stand in.

Route for Monday,level 2.
Lee Moor, Sheepstor, Denham Bridge, Tavistock, Merrivale, Two Bridges, Sherberton, Holne, Widecombe for coffee etc,

Manaton, BoveyTracey, Teignmouth, Shaldon, NewtonAbbot, Broadhempston, Dartington, Totnes-

Steamer Quay for a cup of tea, coffee and a cream tea..
Avonwick and back homewards.
This a is a shorter route than we would normally do, so would be ideal for anyone who is thinking about coming out with us for the first time,it would be great to welcome some new riders out with us.
See you  9 ish 9.30am Monday- Sainsburys car park Marsh Mills Plymouth.
Graham and Julie.

Sunday 12th Ride Update

Two intrepid Plymouth Bikers braved the forecasts of biblical storms (Ian because he told his boat bookings there were biblical storms due and Pete because he is stupid) and enjoyed a really good ride out whilst the remainder of Plymouth bikers cowered under their duvets.  Or cleared out blocked drains!  No other excuses accepted, there are those who ride, those who clear drains and then there are those who are weak!!

We met in Sainburys which was unusually busy due to people all meeting for the Mega Ride who when we said we were heading off for a proper ride mentioned Noah and 40 days of rain before scuttling back to their shelters to look for wood and nails to build an Ark

Ian and I headed out under some gloomy skies and the vis on Dartmoor had us seriously wondering if a morning tucked up on the sofa with a box set of Love Island (or Deadliest Catch for Ian – who am I kidding I am a Deadliest Catch/Gold Rush man myself) was not the better option.  However post Yelverton the weather lifted, along with our spirits, and we made good time up to Roadford Lake.  We stopped off in the car park in case anyone was chasing us – I mean with such good weather we were sure the problem was a few people were late to Sainburys.  We made our first deviant decision there – well I can’t speak for Ian’s underwear choice but mine wasn’t deviant in my eyes, though 32 years in the Navy does mean that what I think is acceptable may not be the same for the rest of you.  Anyway back to the ride and not my penchant for ladies underwear and we decided not to go for Lizzie’s larder but to head to the Kick Start café in Bude, next to North Cornwall Motorcycles.

This was a brilliant decision, made by Ian, only lacking in one small detail.  It was closed.  Of course if NCM had been open and we could have looked around some great bikes it would have still been a great decision.  But NCM was closed.  Not to worry Ian it could happen to anyone and is no worse than missing a turning on the Sat nav WHICH I DID NOT DO (more than 3 times!)

We headed back into Bude for a quick tea/coffee at Life’s a Beach which was really good, after I learnt not to park the bike facing down hill (it came off the side stand genuinely!) and we recalibrated the day.  Noting that it was ice cream weather in Bude but with storm clouds threatening we decided to bring the day down to just 2 stops (to be honest I think Ian was fed up of my small talk) so we headed down the Coast to Tintagel.

This was a fantastic leg with some great views, but also was a little technical as we rounded tight bends and steep hills clutch and throttle control was required, my left hand is still a little achy from the clutching.  We also passed a VW van that had been parked – well parked is a relative term – in a ditch.  I cannot agree with Ian’s assessment of whether it was a man or woman who parked it, no matter how obvious it was a wo……..somebody parked it.    The weather started to come in at this point so we were pleased to turn for home with the rain stopping as we hit Davidstow airfield and then a normal run back down to the Engine Sheds before Ian and I said a tearful farewell (not quite a Broke Back mountain point but getting there for me – I just hope Ian calls or sends flowers).  We went our separate ways at this point, Ian with a sigh of relief and me with regret for feelings not expressed and back to the mundane.

Seriously, it wasn’t all plain sailing.  I learned again respect for drain covers (but also confidence leave it alone and it will come back) cattle grids (straight across).  And also you can ride in any weather if you have the correct kit.

So end of month ride is a bank holiday so no excuses not to do a long one – anyone up for Exmoor, I am.  I can lead but I know some other navigators have some good routes.

Also a quick thought.  Anyone of us could have got us up to the first stop today.  Are there any budding navigators out there who would like to team up with another navigator – you get us to stop 1 and we will take it on from there.  Just a thought.


Sunday Ride out 21st July

Sunday Ride out 21st July

14 Riders had a fantastic Sunday Ride, Kawasaki Tim joined us at Callington and we headed down some fantastic progresive roads all the way to Widemouth Bay for a coffee looking over the sea.
Great day.
Many thanks to all whom rode, and a big thanks to Graham Julie for navigating the day. And Dot for Sweeper.
P.S Note the next ride out on the 12 Aug thats 3 weeks. BUT nothing stopping us having one in 2 weeks if people feel the need..

3 Ferries Ride Out Sunday 8th July

HI Bikers just letting you know

Robin has come forward to to lead what looks like a fab route for this coming Sunday. The sun will be out and so will the bikers.

The 3 ferry run, Cornwall. King Harry, Bodinnick, Torpoint.
Meet same place same time.


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